Probing Solutions

AGVA Technologies has a complete range of manual wafer probing systems ideal for virtually any application on a wide variety of semiconductor devices, materials and applications.

Manual Probe System α200CS α300CS

Manual Probe System α200CS α300CS

Temperature characteristic evaluation from -60 °C to +350 °C

Manual Probe System α150 α200 α300

Manual Probe System α150 α200 α300

α series manual probe system is easy to use and can be used for various measurement applications.

Manual Probe System α100

Manual Probe System α100

4 inch Manual Probe System with for accurate and reliable IV/CV, RF and measurements

Compact Desktop Prober MBP-55

Compact Desktop Prober MBP-55

Compact prober optimized for chip level IV/CV measurement

Semi-Auto Prober

Semi-Auto Prober

Temperature characteristic evaluation from -60°C to +350°C. Probe solution for high-power devices. 20kV DC/200A

Vacuum Probe Station

Vacuum Probe Station

Evaluation of temperature characteristics at extremely low to very high temperatures, vacuum environment, gas environment measurement.

Thermo Hot Chuck

Thermo Hot Chuck

Chuckstage that can control temperature of heating and cooling

Positioners & Accessories

Positioners & Accessories

M60 Micromanipulator for high frequency probe, coaxial probe arm and more

Probe Cards

Probe Cards

Parametric Probe card, Probe Card for High Power Measurement and more