Probing Solutions

Probe Cards

Parametric Probe Card

Parametric Probe Card

  • Enable to measure under the low / high temperature(-55 deg.C~200 deg.C )
  • Measurable the low current(<10fA)
  • Corresponding with Agilent 4060,4070,4080
Probe Card for High Power Measurement

Probe Card for High Power Measurement

Supports voltage application of 10 kV or more and large current measurement of 200 A or more.

  • Correspondence of 1 o kV, 200 A or more
  • Structure to prevent discharge at high voltage
  • High current support using iridium needle
  • Connection to each measuring instrument
  • Supports from development line to mass production line
DC Multi-contact Probe

DC Multi-contact Probe

It can be installed in the positioner with the s a me shape as the high frequency probe.

  • Possible up to 20 pins
  • Can be made with tungsten, BeCu, Pd, Ir needle
Probe Card for High Frequency Measurement

Probe Card for High Frequency Measurement

Use coaxial probe to achieve superior high frequency characteristics.

  • Excellent high frequency characteristics
  • Reduced test cost
  • Quick delivery

Usage examples:

  • SAW filter
  • RF switch
  • LNA
  • Bluetooth, IC for wireless LA
Probe Card for Measuring Small Current

Probe Card for Measuring Small Current

Measurement at high temperature, small current measurement possible

  • Low temperature -60°C to 350°C
  • Minimum current measurement at fA level
  • 4.5 inch rectangular substrate compatible
  • 4070/4080 tester compatible