Power Semiconductor Testers




The ITC55100STD is a single site 100A version of the industry standard series of ITC55100 testers. The ITC55100STD performs all the same tests as the ITC55100 system but has a single test port and a maximum drain current capability of 100A for improved price/performance in single DUT production testing applications.

Model ITC55100STD performs ruggedness testing of power MOSFETs and IGBTs. It also tests single and dual diodes, and forward and reverse bias of IGBTs when used with an optional ITC55-RSF Output Selector Box.

The ITC55100STD performs several types of tests that conform to MIL-STD-750C Method 3470. Method 3470 tests the capability of P- and N-Channel MOSFETs and IGBTs by stressing them to controlled energy levels. This is accomplished by the devices driving an unclamped inductive load.


  • Single Device Testing
  • N channel or P channel
  • Faster Testing
  • Current Range: 0.1A to 100A, 0.1A Steps
  • Avalanche Voltage to 1500V
  • Touch-Screen Program Entry/Control
  • Waveform Capture/Display
  • Internal Test Program Storage (20 files)
  • High Speed Inductor Charging, Reduces Test Time
  • Programmable Leakage Test Voltage
  • Pre/Post Avalanche Leakage Test
  • Avalanche Collapse Test
  • Versatile Test Handler Control
  • Up to 15 Hardware Sort Bins
  • Improved Voltage/Current Accuracy
  • Software Updates via Flash Download
  • Password Control of Parameter Entry
  • Operates with all ITC Inductor Load Boxes
  • Interfaces with ITC55MUX4 & ITC55-RSF
  • Built-in Self Test