Probilt™ Probe Card Analyzers




The PB1200 is an automated probe card repair system. It has the capability to fully test alignment, planarity and (optionally) gram force, but its main purpose is in card repair. Test data may also be imported from a PB3600, PB6500 or other manufacturers probe card analyzers. The repair process consists of selecting a failing probe, which moves it under the binocular microscope and positions a crosshair over the correct position for that probe. Thus the probe is not only easily identified, the operator has a true reference (the crosshair) for the correct alignment position. The repair process time is cut to 1/2 or 1/3 that of standard analyzers or alignment stations.

The PB1200 is a bench-top instrument and comes complete with all required hardware. Expensive motherboards are not required and are replaced by simple, economical card holders. ITC has card holders available for most standard probe cards and can provide custom solutions. A sturdy bench provides the optimum in convenience and ergonomics.


  • Fast, simple probe card repair
    • Crosshair shows proper probe position
    • Tips up configuration for easy repair
    • Excellent ergonomics
    • Fast retest without flip
    • Leica MZ80 binocular microscope
  • Accurate, repeatable stage
    • Closed loop with 0.1µ encoders
    • 6” x 6” stage movement
    • Up to 3” x 3” arrays
    • 100 lb Force Z stage, 2.0” stroke
  • Simple, economical card holders
    • No motherboards
    • Fast change card holders/probe cards
    • Up to 15” diameter probe cards
  • Powerful Probilt™ software
    • Same software as PB3600/6500
    • Network with PB3600/6500
  • Works with all probe card technologies
    • Excellent for tight pitch shelf cards

Tests Performed

  • Alignment
  • Planarity
  • Gram Force (optional)