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Thermo Hot Chuck

Thermo Hot Chuck


Chuckstage that can control temperature of heating and cooling

  • 50mm , 4 inches to 12 inches in size.
  • The product is lined up in the temperature range of -55℃ to +350℃.
  • We propose a combination of heaters, chillers, and pellets according to the specifications.
  • The measurement from microcurrent and high voltage, large current measurement is carried out.
  • Low noise due to use of DC power supply.


  • Price setting based on temperature range
  • Triaxial connection to chuck
  • High-power chuck
  • Structures for various instrument connections
  • Air-cooled, water-cooled type prepare

Product Details

Hot Chuck
Product name Model number Remarks
50㎜ Hot Chuck HC2 50㎜ RT to 200°c
4inch hot chuck HC4 4RT to 350°c
6inch hot chuck HC6 6RT to 350°c
8inch hot chuck HC8 8RT to 350°c
12inch hot chuck HC12 12RT to 350°c
Thermo Chuck
Product name Model number Remarks
4inch peltjer type thermo chuck TCP4 4inch -40° C to 125°C
8inch peltjer type thermo chuck TCP8 8inch -20° C to 100°c
6inch peltjer type thermo chuck TCC6 6inch -60° C to 350° C
8inch peltjer type thermo chuck TCC8 8inch -60° C to 350°C
12inch peltjer type thermo chuck TCC12 12inch -60° C to 350° C