Power Semiconductor Testers




The ITC57300 Dynamic Parametric Test System mainframe accepts Test Heads that perform nondestructive transient measurements on semiconductor devices such as Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors (IGBT), power MOSFETs, diodes, and other bipolar devices(requires additional optional bias power supplies and custom personality boards). Included in the mainframe are all test equipment and software necessary to analyze and perform resistive and inductive switching time, switching losses, gate charge, Trr/Qrr, and other transient tests.

Test Heads, which are designed for a specific type of transient test, mate to a special Test Head Receiver on the mainframe. While Test Heads are designed to perform only one specific test, personality boards within each Test Head reconfigure the Test Head for a specific device, device package, and various device circuit arrangements.


  • Easily Changeable Test Heads
  • Automated Testing of Different Parameters
  • Ruggedized PC Compatible Computer
  • User-Friendly Menu Driven Software
  • Programmable Test Output Bins
  • Spreadsheet Compatible Test Data
  • Selectable Internal Inductance Loads
  • GPIB Programmable Test Equipment
  • Four channel high bandwidth Digitizing Oscilloscope
  • Pulse Generator
  • 1200V Power Supply

Test Heads

  • ITC57210 - R Switching Time for N- and P-channel Power MOSFETs, MIL-STD-750, Method 3472
  • ITC57220 - Trr/Qrr for power MOSFETs and Diodes, MIL-STD-750, Method 3473
  • ITC57230 - Gate Charge for power MOSFETs, MIL-STD-750, Method 3471
  • ITC57240 Inductive switching time for IGBT, MIL-STD 750, Method 3477
  • ITC57250 Short circuit (Isc) withstand time, MIL-STD 750, Method 3479
  • ITC57260 - Gate Resistance (Rg), Input Capacitance (Ciss), Output Capacitance (Coss), and Reverse Capacitance (Crss) for Power MOSFET’s, JEDEC standard JESD24-11