Probing Solutions

Vacuum Probe Station

Vacuum Probe Station


Evaluation of temperature characteristics at extremely low to very high temperatures, vacuum environment, Gas environment measurement.

  • It is very small type, it is easy to measure on the desk.
  • Even if vacuum, the actuator can be moved with the external operating type positioner (probe).
  • Good effect of light and electrical shield.
  • The MJ-8 is a thin type that allows for hall effect measurement.


  • Low level IV (fA)
  • Low level CV (fF)
  • High power application
  • Temperature characteristic test in high and low temperature environment
  • Measurementin Gas environment


  • Cold heating stage at -180°C to +600°C
  • XY movement specification of the stage
  • Up to six positioners
  • Light transmission type Stage specification

Optical System Selection

  • Stereomicroscope (default)
  • Trinocular microscope
  • Zoom micro CCD camera

Examples of measuring instruments to be connected

  • Device Analyzers/Parameter analyzers
  • Source Measure Units
  • Precision LCR meters
  • Digital multimeters
  • In addition, various measuring instruments of each company


MJ-8 MJ-10
Standard Stage Size 20×20㎜ φ60㎜
Degree of vacuum in the instrument (when using the turbo pump) 10ー³ Pa 10-³ Pa
Chamber size Dimension φ116×30㎜(H) φ216×138㎜(H)
Distance of probe moving distance X:5㎜ Y:5㎜ Z:3㎜ X:8㎜ Y:5㎜ Z:8㎜
Probe operating range X:about18㎜ Y:about15㎜ X:about40㎜ Y:about20㎜
Overall dimensions standard type) 280×244㎜ 450×138㎜
Weight (standard type) 4.5㎏ 16㎏